welcome to PixMeme! where you can make Pictures say Funny things to each other. Then you can Share them with your Friends.

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We've been hard at work making a new version of PixMeme. It can do all same great stuff and more! Give it a try and tell us what you think!

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Welcome to PixMeme
A meme generator, where you can load your own publically shared images off the web, add funny captions, and then share them with your friends, or save them to a file.

It's simple and flexible!
PixMeme is easy to use. You can load and arrange your photos, supply captions and position them where ever you want.

Copy the URL of the image (they look something like 'http://www.blah-blah.com/blah-blah/my_image.png') and then paste it into to URL boxes provided. Use your mouse to drag the images around position them as you like. Make your images larger, smaller, rotate, and flip horizontally or vertically. The possibilities are rediculous.

Add as many captions as you want. You can also drag them around to reposition them, resize them, change the color, border, and width on the image.

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God you're funny.. and everyone needs to know it. Share your meme on all the cool social sites.
Sam Matthews




Coming Soon
  • More panel configurations. For example 1, 4, 6 panels, overlays, comic layout, etc.
  • Direct sharing... to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Saving your memes.
  • A "Best Of" meme gallery.
  • Any suggestions please let me know.

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